• SOIL TEST: Reputed geo-technical consultants test the soil to find out the load bearing capacity. Using this information, our Structural Engineers design a better structure.
  • WATER TEST: Using the right quality of water for construction is very important. We therefore test the water by sending samples to reputed laboratories to ensure suitability.
  • PEST CONTROL: Pests like termites are known to cause severe damage if not controlled right at the very start. Hence, before foundation work is done, we do Pest Control Treatment. Then we repeat the process at the ground floor level also.
  • CERTIFICATION OF THE STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: The structural engineer inspects and certifies at each stage that the design is strictly followed.
  • PROPER CONCRETE MIX: We use only M20 grade concrete, properly mixed under strict supervision
  • CONCRETE TESTING: 7 and 28 days cube tests are performed to ensure that the strength of the concrete is adequate.
  •  VIBRATION: While pouring concrete around the Steel reinforcement Vibrators are used. This prevents the formation of honeycombs which corrodes the steel.
  • DE-SHUTTERING TIME: Early de-shuttering gives rise to weak concrete. Columns and beams must be de-shutterred only after a full 24 hours beam bottoms after 14 days which is strictly followed.
  • CURING OF CONCRETE: Fresh concrete must remain moist and wet upto 14 days. Bunds of sands are erected to retain water, column and beams are tied with gunny sacks and kept soaked.
  • WET BRICKS: Soaked bricks are used ensuring better binding with mortar and also prevents cracks.
  • NO BRICKWORK BEYOND 1.2 Mtrs/DAY: Bricks and mortar take time to settle, and hence no brickwork is done beyond 1.2 mtrs per day. Otherwise the strength of the wall is compromised.
  • REINFORCEMENT IN 4.5 inch BRICKWORK: To strengthen the brickwork, one 6mm steel rod is inserted across the entire length of the wall after every 31/2  ft. This strengthens the brickwork and prevents cracks.
  • LINTEL AT SILL LEVEL: By using lintel, the occurrence of cracks at the joints of window frames is minimized.
  • BEAM BOTTOM AND BRICK WALL TOPS : The top of the brickwork and the bottom of the beam is filled with cement mortar and metal mixed water proofing compound and not mortar alone.
  • CONDUITS PLASTERED WITH CHICKEN MESH: Any chasing done for conduits is initially packed with mortar and subsequently chicken mesh is applied on top and plastered along with the rest of the wall. It takes care of settlement and prevents crack.
 D. PLUMBING       
  • PPR - All plumbing work is done by PPR - the wonder technology which guarantees 100 years of leak proof service.
  • PRESSURE TESTING: After laying of pipes and before plastering, all the pipes are pressure tested to ensure that there are no leakages.
  • WATER PROOFING : All the concrete work and  plastering work  including toilets are treated with “RECRON-3S” – the wonder water proofing compound sold by Reliance Industries Ltd. This wonder water proofing compound increases homogeneity of concrete, abrasion resistance by 25%, impact resistance by 100%,  substantially decreases water permeability, checks dampness and crack propagation- as certified by IIT (Chennai) and  CRRI (New Delhi).
  • SLOPE IN BATHROOM : Proper and adequate slopes are given to ensure that water flows away and does not stagnate or flow into the rooms.
  • Only branded cables are used to ensure 100% safety.
  • Circuit breakers are provided to ensure in case of any over load, leakage or short circuit the mains will trip and prevent any damage or accident.
  • To safeguard your electrical appliances earthling is done as a standard procedure.
  • Lightening Arrestor is provided for increased safety of all electronic appliances.


  • Experience workman produce good work
  • Timely inspection and supervision minimizes damage potential
  • Following sound construction practices leads to error prevention
  • Quality Tests result in quality product
  • Only reputed branded products are used
  • Routine Quality check on all supplies